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By: Brett Davis/staff

Monroe city police reported that they responded to an attempted hold-up Monday night at the Super 8 Motel on Roosevelt Blvd.

Police said they were called to the motel by the clerk at around 10:30pm when a man came to the door and tried to get in. The man indicated that he was armed and was holding something under a towel.

According to police, the motel clerk kept the door locked and refused entry to the man and he soon fled the area.

Police and deputy sheriffs patrolled the area but did not locate any suspects in the incident.

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. JULY 24 2009heroinFederal authorities said that they have arrested a key player in a Charlotte heroin ring is in jail.

Julio Cesar Tejeda made his first appearance in federal court Thursday morning. Police arrested him Wednesday during a traffic stop at the Park Road Shopping Center.

Investigators said Tejeda is a dispatcher, which is a person who helps bring black tar heroin in from Mexico and then gets it into the hands of dealers.

A complaint filed in district court shows investigators caught Tejeda on wiretaps talking about importing and distributing the drug. Drug enforcement agents said they tracked him all the way to Ohio one week ago.

Eyewitness News visited Tejeda’s last known address, which was on Kingfisher Driver near Pineville. The homeowner said Tejeda left the rental more than a month ago. He said he never suspected any drug dealing.

According to the federal complaint, Tejeda was arrested on charges of conspiring to distribute at least 1 kilogram of heroin.

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The Union County Communications Center and Monroe Police have both lost part of their two-way radio communications capability.

A police dispatcher said that at around 9:45pm, the sheriff departments main police dispatch channel became inoperable and all dispatching was switched to another working channel.

The Monroe Police dispatcher also said they lost several of their two way radio channels but was unsure of the cause saying lightning may have struck some of their equipment.

Neither emergency agency was ever without radio communications and the citizens of the county were never without police or other emergency services.

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Lightning strikes may have caused a power outage in parts of Monroe tonight.

Authorities said that several sections of the city are currently without power but they do not know the direct cause of it.

Duke Power has been notified according to the police dispatcher but it is unknown how long these area will be in the dark.

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MONROE NC JULY 23 2009  

By: Rick McCann/staff   thTaser    

One man found out the hard way Tuesday that courtroom deputies aren’t there just for looks.

Carlucas Dell Hunt missed roll call at the start of court and when he did get there he made his way to the defendant’s table and that’s when deputies say he got upset after learning that his bond had been doubled to $100,000 and that he was about to be placed into custody.

Rather than surrendering peacefully, Hunt, 35, bolted out of the courtroom, knocking over several people and fleeing up a set of stairs to the fourth floor of the Justice Center but he soon learned that was a mistake because those doors do not allow entry. He turned and ran back down the stairs and right into deputies but he wasn’t quite ready to give up just yet.

 Deputy Kyle Hill said that Hunt struggled with deputies who used a Taser gun on him to subdue and take him into custody.

People inside and outside of the Justice Center watched the escape attempt and the commotion and several commented that it looked like something from a movie or a stupid criminal show.

Hill later apologized to Superior Court Judge David Lee for interrupting the court process. Lee told him not to worry about it. “Thank you for your effort,” he said, and began the next case.

Hunt was in court for felony conspiracy charges, as well as obstructing justice. He is being held in Union County Jail.



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Union County NC July 23 2009

By: Brett Davis/staff

At least four busi100dollarbillnesses in Union County notified police this week that they had received phony money including a McDonald’s Restaurant and a Food Lion store and another business in the city of Monroe.

Police earlier this month was called to a deli in Indian Trail after two teens passed a counterfeit one hundred dollar bill and then fled without the food that they had purchased.

Police have not released any descriptions on the suspects these incidents but are investigating.

Businesses should use the pen tester on any bill larger than a twenty and are encouraged to call 911 if they suspect that someone is trying to pass counterfeit money.


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MONROE NC JULY 23 2009a13

By: Rick McCann/staff

A report of a daytime burglary in the city of Monroe sent police officers to the area of South Branch St Monday afternoon.

Responding officers said that they found a door kicked in at a residence and was able to confirm that someone had broken into the home and fled. Officers patrolling the neighborhood located a person in the area that matched the description of the suspect given to them by a witness.

During the officers investigation they found evidence that indicated that ANTHONY BRYANT MCCLAM was involved.

Police charged McClam with felony Breaking and Entering and he was transported to the county jail and was being held on a bond release.

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