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North Carolina Highway Patrol has identified the two men that were killed in a violent fiery crash on Hwy 74 this week.

The  collision happened just before 10 p.m. Tuesday after a driver traveling west in the eastbound lane of U.S. Highway 74 struck a sport-utility vehicle causing a fire that burnt both vehicles and a stand of nearby trees leaving a dark black spot near Brickyard Road
“It was bad out there last night,” Trooper Mark Helms said.

Highway Patrol identified the wrong-way driver as Patricio Osvaldo Valdivieso, a 52-year-old Charlotte resident. The other driver was 58-year-old William Jerry Odom of Tyrone, Ga.

According to the report of Trooper J.D. Wilson, Valdivieso was traveling in a 2002 Ford Explorer when he hit Odom’s 1997 Ford Expedition.

Wilson estimated the SUVs were moving at 55 mph, the speed limit in the area, when they struck each other.There was no indication that either vehicle braked.

“They met right in the crest of the road and it’s possible that they never saw each other until it was too late,” said N.C. Highway Patrol district secretary Janet Ross.

Both drivers were dead before the Highway Patrol arrived, Helms said.

Police can not say at this time if alcohol was a factor in the accident until after the medical examiner’s report is released which could take more than a month to get.

 “Due to the way the bodies were burned, I don’t know if they can determine if alcohol is involved,” Helms said.

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Monroe NC July 1 20092c35b55ab9eebc38

A loaded gravel truck took a spill Wednesday morning closing down a county road for about four hours.

Union County sheriff deputies said that the truck was on Wolf Pond Rd. at about am when the crash occurred and the truck flipped on its side.

Fire and rescue personnel were called to the scene but there were only minor injuries reported. Fire personnel also reported a fuel spill and the fire marshal’s office were called to the scene.

Macedonia Church Rd and several other roads leading into the area were also closed during the clean-up process and while the truck was up righted and towed away.

The N.C. Highway Patrol is conducting an investigation into the crash.

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