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UNIONVILLE, N.C May 15 2009.- The North Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating a deadly accident in Union County that resulted from a police chase Friday at 3:15.

According to several reports, the pursuit began on U.S. 74 (Roosevelt Boulevard) in Monroe. Police tried to stop the vehicle because an officer observed it operating reacklessly. The driver refused to pulll over and police began to follow it.

The driver then turned north on U.S. 601, with Monroe police and then the N.C. Highway Patrol in pursuit.

Troopers say the driver of the vehicle identified as Michael Farr, 48, tried to turn right on Sikes Mill Road, heading toward Unionville. But the driver hit a median in U.S. 601, and his car flipped before landing in a culvert nearby. Farr died at the scene.

Police have also said that the vehicle that Farr was driving had been reported stolen.

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